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 Frequently Asked Questions


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 A) The Right Choice

 B) Design Questions

  C) Custom Orders

 D) Install Questions

 E) All About the Materials



 A) Design Questions



 Where are Corbels Employed in Design ?

  Where do I

  use Corbels

  Simple Answer: 

  There are multiple applications for use both interior and exterior

  Here are a few examples below




 Cabinetry on Pilasters



 Pilasters are flat stock, usually fluted

 with a "capital" called a pilaster



 Just like a decorative column or pillar,

 these pilasters provide design

 accents to...


 * kitchen cabinets

 * bookshelves,

 * door and window surrounds.




 Room Dividers


 To accent a door opening, a corbel

 is the perfect decorative element

 that does not take up floor space.


 This is often used between rooms

 such as the opening between an open

 Kitchen and Dining area or great room.





 Door Entrances


 For the exterior of a door way use

 corbels to define the space without

 taking up floor space. 










 Header Supports



 Corbels can provide the illusion

 that they are holding up a ledge or

 header.  Most headers are supported

 inside the framing and the corbel just

 looks like it is supporting weight.


This decorative element

 provides interest in facade design.


 Use them interior under a window 

 header or exterior as a facade element.









  B) Custom Questions



  Can you do historic restorations or Unique Designs?


  Simple Answer:  Yes

  Send us a photo and size of the broken corbel and we can quote

  it's recreation OR a concept drawing of a unique design.


  They can be fabricated in hardwood, GRG-NeoPlasterTM or





 <- Connect to custom page





C) Installation Questions



 How do I support corbels ?



 Hardwood corbels are made from multiple

 laminated hardwood pieces glued together

 then turned or carved.  They are not

 intended to carry large weight loads.


 The best way is to employ a steel bracket

 then router out the corbel to hide the

 steel support.








 Can I support my Granite Counter Top with Corbels ?


 Simply.. No

 Granite is stone and can crack

 with uneven loads applied. The

 most successful way is to support

 the granite with plywood to offer

 a stable substrate. 


 The 1/4" steel brackets running

 every 4 - 6 Feet will provide a very

 stable support system.


 Cover each steel bracket with a

 decorative corbel.






  Can I use construction glue to affix a corbel?

  click to order approved adhesive 


  Simple Answer:   Yes


  If you select ArchPolymerTM you must use an adhesive specially for

  this material otherwise it might damage the corbel.  Always

  read the instruction before applying.   Further use a brad nailer in a few

  select spots to hold the corbel until the glue dries in 24 hours.

        click to order approved adhesive




  Can I use any latex filler to cover the gaps?



  Simple Answer:  Yes but ...


  If you use latex filler to cover the gap between the corbel and the

  wall area it invariably dries out over time and shrinks. 


  This vinyl spackling compound is way better as it dries hard and

   can be sanded.


  Always  read the instruction before applying.  

   click to order approved adhesive





  D) All About the Materials



  What is the ArchPolymerTM?

  watch our Youtube movie on ArchPolymer 



  Simple Answer:  Like a synthetic wood 

  It is not a cheap plastic really looks like plaster but is

  lite weight and easy to install.  

  They come primed and need to be painted. 

  Interior & Exterior use.


  ArchPolymerTM meets class A fire rating only when it is

  on Custom special order to have the fire retardant put into

   the material mix or fire barrier primer can be applied in 3

   coats.  This is a requirement in some jurisdictions or

   commercial buildings such as offices or places of worship.


 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet



  What is the GRG-NeoPlasterTM?


  Simple Answer: 

  Like a traditional plaster but heavier and less fragile

  for packing.  GRG-NeoPlasterTM is Class A fire rated. 

  Priming and painting by others.  Interior Use


  <- Watch the Video

 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet





  Hardwood Properties




  Imperial offers larger Colonial Disks up to 10 Feet in Diameter

  or Carved Detailed Medallions


 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet



  ZeamentTM Properties


  Simple Answer:  Known as GFRC, our ZeamentTM is

  a stone composite for exterior applications.

  Class A fire rated, Finishing by others

 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet



  Got more Question ? 

  One of our sales associates will be pleased to answer any other questions you have


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