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Rosettes - Round and Square Imperial Productions ® 


 Round, Square





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  Rosettes are perfect for

 * Cabinetry

 * Furniture

 * Kitchen Cabinetry

 * Columns 


 We can custom produce


  Round Rosettes    Radiating Star
  Square Rosettes   Elongated




 Round Rosettes

    IPNP4774 rosette pack of 10

   IPNP4769 Rosette pack of 10

      IPMRD2009 Hard Maple

   IPROS3000-BAS hand carved      IPNP4779 Floral Rosette 4 inches   IPNP4770 medallion  
  IPNP4775 rosette     IPNP4777 rosette   IPNP4776 medallion
     IPNP4772 Medallion    IPMED523 Polymer     IPMED523 Plaster




 Radiating Stars 

     IPNP4756 celtic cross

  IPCVA1131 star hand carved from maple  




 Square Rosettes

    IPROS837-MAP square rosette

   IPROS837-CHR square rosette


   IPCVA1026 MAPLE       IPCVA1027 maple rosette    IPCVA1161 square rosette
  IPNP8032 square rosette with acanthus motif      IPNP8026-POL Square rosette       






 Square 3-1/4"

       click to order








 Square 3-7/16"



       click to order




 Square with Shell 3-7/8"


      click to order









 Square 4-3/4"



   click to order




 Square 6' x 6" 


   click to order






 Elongated Rosettes  




 Rosette 5"   



   click to order







 Rosette 6"  


     click to order




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 For those creative designers and historic restoration companies, or furniture

 manufacturers, Imperial provides custom rosettes for interior design and

 building exterior components.   Rosettes are hand carved or composite.


 Custom work is welcome for any quantity. Provide us with a photo or your own

 drawings for a quote.  Select from Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, Alder, Mahogany

 or Pine. 

 For curves and arches, rosettes are available in Flexible ResinMold® which

 can be stained or painted. 


 As a fun touch enhance a Tuscan column above the astragal to make it look great!

 Finish elements with  Specialty Paints and Real Metal Coating 





 Optional Finishes: Paints & Metal Coating 








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